An effective, chemical-free eye cream for people with sensitive skin

Regular use of this product will sooth puffy eyes, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and leave your skin feeling soft, supple and fully hydrated. It can be safely used anywhere that needs a little nourishing attention. Many of our customers enjoy using this product as an overall moisturizer, applying it prior to their makeup in the morning and again in the evening before retiring.

Mary Ann developed a small collection of skin care products for her personal use because her own sensitive skin was constantly being irritated by the mainstream products she tried. She also wanted to avoid all of the chemicals, parabens and other toxins that these brand name products usually contain.

As she began using her own products, Mary Ann's friends noticed how good her skin looked and wanted to try the products on their own skin. Friends who used the products gave her so much positive feedback that she decided to offer her products for sale.

Mary Ann is thrilled to be receiving orders from all over the United States. Even so, each jar is personally handcrafted and packaged by Mary Ann using the finest organic ingredients, locally sourced from Oregon suppliers.

Your skin will love it! Soothes puffy eyes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while promoting a healthy, natural glow Gently rejuvenates, softens, nourishes and restores the sensitive area around your eyes, and also makes a wonderful facial moisturizer Made from pure organic ingredients - no chemicals, no parabens, no GMO's. Soy free, gluten free. Best possible score on EWG Skin Deep database Handcrafted personally by Mary Ann in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Your skin will love it!

Mary Ann's Naturals Organic Handcrafted Eye Cream - 1 oz.

  • $15.99

    (as of December 29, 2016 7:10 PM)